Guest Room Seven

King Size Bed

$209 Fri-Sat | $199 Sun-Thurs
Guest Room Seven

Newly renovated, this luxurious room is very sophisticated.

With soft browns, corals, and beige chenille fabrics, Guest Room Seven is a very masculine looking room with full draperies, cornices, and wooden blinds. The paneled walls are painted a deep gold-brown and then glazed with a burnt umber finish. The bathroom has a large window and the walls are decorated with painted palms and monkeys. From the bathtub, there is a wonderful view of rooftops and chimneys. Decorated in bamboo, rattan, and with accessories and artwork from the Amazon River Basin, Guest Room Seven is very exotic and romantic. It could be described as a cross between “Out of Africa,” and the Orient Express. Although this room was designed for men who don’t care for a “flowery” atmostphere, women find it relaxing, soothing, cozy, and uniquely romantic.


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