Guest Room Six

King Size Bed

$209 Fri-Sat | $199 Sun-Thurs
Guest Room Six

Very popular with returning guests.

Guest Room Six walls are a medium shade of green, and the carpet is a multi-colored Berber. The decorative fireplace and the room trim are painted white. Natural light from the three windows is filtered by white blinds, and balloon shades top the window frames with a brown French plisse fabric. The headboard of the bed is upholstered in the same French plisse, and has an antique wooden pediment. The wallpaper border is of globes, lending the room a travel theme. The dresser looks like suitcases, and the room has a collection of Russian lacquer ware. A light green-grey tweed fabric covers the sofa and the furniture is made of cherry and mahogany. In Guest Room Six, the comfortable rattan chair, rattan TV cabinet, artwork, and accessories continue the travel theme. A large bathroom has map wallpaper above the custom wainscoting. The room has 9-foot ceilings.


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